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Cornerstone Cardigans began in the fall of 1990 shortly after purchasing a home in Kissimmee Florida.  I was smitten by the unique color and patterns in the blue merle and so started in that direction.  

In 1990 the overall quality in blue merles was not particularly high.  I was cautioned by several breeders that starting in blues was not the best idea.  Blues are limited to being bred to blacks only, so the choice in genes is restricted. By following the CWCCA Code of Ethics and breeding to the AKC Breed Standard, we only breed Blue Merles to Blacks.  Blues and blacks are the main colors I have worked with but I have had, and bred, all colors.  I was fortunate that I always had better blues and blacks than the other colors!

My beginnings in Cardigans was a difficult start.  I was given poor direction and a poor first dog, what a shame.  Lack of mentoring left me searching and learning the hard way.   It did teach me a great deal by experience rather than being handed success and knowledge on a platter, so to speak..  I learned to be sensitive to others who are wanting and expecting those things that I did not receive. A word of wisdom, always treasure your mentors and be humble, your 'time' will come.

In 1995 I attended my second National and one of the dogs I bred placed second in her class.  Every National from there on, dogs I bred, have been placing at the National.  By 2002, Cammie, a bitch I bred and co-owned was awarded WB/BOW/Best Puppy at the largest National entry ever. I usually attend every other year or so and in 2004 Laudy won Best in Sweeps and first in Open this was the next largest National entry since 2002.

My focus is breeding top quality, not showing, but I show and place puppies in show and performance homes, certainly reaping the benefits of breeding quality that 'Can Do' everything.

My wonderful, dog hobby supportive husband, David, and I have  been married since September 1987.  We have 2 children, Samuel, and Hannah.  Our puppies and children are blessed to have each other !  What good times we have with kids and Cardis !   However the dogs really are MY venture and so I have always had to juggle family and dogs, two full time jobs !

I have bred 46+ Champions and many TOP performance titled dogs .  Since I have a small 'kennel' and breed approximately 2 litters a year, I achieve quality carefully and thoughtfully.   Many of our successes would not have been possible without the trust and dedication of those who love, train and perform with our dogs.

I give GOD credit for blessing me in so many ways !  I promised Him when I began that I would always honor Him in this avocation if I were going to do it at all.

I hope you enjoyed my 'about Cornerstone' story and WELCOME you to browsing through my rather full web site.

- Rita Hellegers

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Adhering to a high standard of values.  Committed to breeding for a better future.

Specializing in blues & blacks since 1990.     bluewag.gif (4624 bytes)  triwag.gif (3809 bytes)   Breeder of 46 AKC Champions and counting!

Temperament is paramount.    Only dogs that are PRA Clear and OFA/OVC/PennHIP hip clearances are used for breeding.

This site is set up as a "showcase" of our Cardigans bred for the show ring, performance or "just to love".

Member of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America since 1991.

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